Western Region, Liwa Mezairaa, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

About Us

Liwa Hotel is most majestically perched on a hill, overlooking the uniquely beautiful Oasis of Liwa Mezairah on one side and the legendary Empty Quarter popularly known as ‘Rub Al Khali’ on the other side.

The journey to Liwa Hotel takes around two and a half hours from the City of Abu Dhabi and around three and a half hours from the City of Dubai through the Highways E11 and then through E45 both boast excellent road conditions.

The journey to the hotel in itself is an adventure, passing through some of the most spectacular and constantly shifting sand sculptures in the region, quaint Arabian villages, and a vast landscape sprinkled with authentic heritage farms.

As visitors reach Liwa, the car start to climb the rise in which the Hotel slowly starts to unravel itself between the green oasis combined with the golden desert.

Our guests can enjoy a service infused with true Arabian tradition and genuine warmth. Our friendly welcoming staff, spacious luxurious rooms and picturesque views will instantly transpose our guests to a soothingly tranquil haven.