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Ayurveda Spa Therapy at Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi

Tranquility joins hands with Wellness at Liwa.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian traditional system of natural healing is now in Liwa, the hub of Emirati Culture and Heritage. At Liwa Hotel Ayurveda Centre, learn the art of mind control and find out the secrets to lead healthy life with simple daily routines, food, and activities. Relax and rejuvenate yourself with therapies to face the impending challenging week. Exploit the tranquility of Liwa and expertise of five millennium of wellness to discover your full potential at the Ayurveda, Classical Massage & Yoga centre at Liwa Hotel.


List of Therapies
Therapies available for disorders
  • Common headache
  • Migraine





Single Packages
  • Abyangam (Body Massage) + Head Massage + Bath
  • Abyangam (Body Massage) + Shirodhara* + Steam + Bath
  • Shirodhara*
  • Abyangam (Body Massage) +Special Head Massage + Face massage + Steam + Bath
  • Body Massage (Abyangam) + Face pack (Herbal facial)
  • Body Massage (Abyangam)+ Kizhi (Bolus massage)
  • Full body Pizhichil (Oil Bath )
Ayurveda in Abu DhabiSpa in Abu Dhabi UAE

Special Relaxation Programme (Total Duration of 3 hours)

Morning session : Abhyangam (Body Massage) + Kizhi (Bolus massage) + Herbal Steam

Afternoon session : Uzhichil + Shirodhara + Warm Bath

Panchakarma therapy in Abu DhabiFacial at Liwa Hotel
Multiple-day Health-care packages:3 day,5 day & 7 day package
Rejuvenation / Relaxation Packages:
  • Uzhichil** + Shirodhara*
  • Pizhichil*** + Herbal steam bath
  • Special Head massage + Kizhi (Bolus massage)

The above packages could also be customized as per individual needs, suggestion after consultation with our Ayurveda doctor.

Panchakarma / Detoxification Packages:
  • Abyangam

The massage is done with herbal oils applied throughout the body and stimulating key points. It's very good for the overall health of the skin, prevents aging early and relieves from pain. It also increases resistance against diseases. After the massage warm water bath herbs is also given.


Weight Loss / Slimming Programme:

We have weight loss programme with Udwarthanam (Lipid absorbent herbal powder massage), Steam, Diet plan, Herbal supplements Etc. Duration of the course and cost of packages could be worked out after consultation with the doctor.

Yoga Classes:

Include Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation.

Yoga in Abu DhabiYoga in Abu Dhabi

*Therapy involving pouring of liquid on forehead or scalp to relieve stress, headache, insomnia etc.

** Therapy in treatment of orthopedic and neuromuscular discomfort like back pain, sprain etc. It can also cure serious disorders.

*** It is a combination of herbal oil massage and heat treatment.

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